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Sending and receiving Interac e-Transfers

  1. Once you’ve onboarded, you’ll need to set-up your Interac e-Transfer® profile. Go to the menu and select ‘Transfers & Payments’. Under ‘Interac e-Transfer’ select ‘Profile Settings’ and update your information.  
    You will be unable to send or receive e-Transfers until your Interac e-Transfer® profile has been set-up. 

  1. If you have had Interac e-Transfers® sent to you over the weekend, you will need to select ‘Connect First Credit Union’ as your financial institution to be able to accept the transfer. 

  1. To add e-Transfer contacts, go to ‘Transfers & Payments’ and under ‘Interac e-Transfer’ you’ll see ‘Manage Contacts’ where you can add recipients.  

  1. Did you know that setting up Autodeposit for your e-Transfers reduces the risk of fraud? With Autodeposit, transfers are directly deposited into the bank account of your choosing so there is no chance for fraudsters to intercept the Interac e-Transfer® if they gain access to your email account. To set-up Autodeposit go to ‘Transfers & Payments’ and select ‘Interac e-Transfer’. Under this menu, go to ‘Autodeposit Settings’ to turn this feature on. Read more about protecting yourself from cyberthreats