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A More Meaningful Gift For Your Loved Ones

What could be more heartfelt than a brighter future?

It’s always hard finding the perfect gift for someone you love. There’s always that worry that they won’t like it, they won’t use it, or it will end up in the trash next year. Gift cards and cash can feel impersonal and end up being spent on more stuff they don’t really need.


This year, try something different. Buy them a gift that is truly meaningful. Something they'll not only want, but a gift that will put them on the path to a brighter future.


Buy them a gift that keeps giving


At Chinook Financial, we’re the first institution to offer saving and investing gift certificates. It’s part of our commitment to helping southern Albertans work towards having greater financial security and making good investment decisions.


All too often, saving and investing is the last thing we think about and actually start doing. When you buy a gift certificate for a loved one, you’re not only jump-starting their savings, you’re jump-starting good habits that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Habits that will see them live out their dreams and enjoy financial security.


One of the best things about this gift, is that it literally keeps on giving. Thanks to the wonders of compound interest (where you earn interest on the interest that you just earned) your gift grows in value every year. Your $250 gift certificate could be worth as much as $407 in 10 years’ time (with just a 5% annual return). Long after everything else they received 10 years ago that ended up in a landfill.


Savings gift certificates are an ideal way to celebrate milestones. For baby showers, it could be used toward a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). Weddings and anniversaries are ideal to give the gift of a Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) and birthdays and Christmas are a perfect time to set up a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA).


This isn’t simply a monetary gift - it will have them thinking about their future and the value of saving.


“What if, instead of giving ‘things,’ we gave our loved ones a head start, or a boost to their savings?” asks Keith Richard, President of Chinook Financial. “This is what we want to encourage. Saving early and consistently is the best way to build a brighter future. When you couple that with a smart investment, those savings can really start to add up over time.”


How your loved ones can use their gift certificate


When you buy a Chinook Financial Gift That Grows certificate, the lucky recipient can put it towards savings for a wide range of needs. In every case, it will help them to focus on their goals and work towards reaching them. Here are some of the important events in their life that it could help them achieve:


A great career after a good education

Investing the money in a RESP and continuing to make contributions will help them cover the costs of tuition, books and other studying expenses. The added benefit of your gift being in the form of an RESP is that the government will add 20% to their savings (up to a maximum of $7,200). That $250 gift certificate you gave them will turn into a $300 investment.


A down payment on a home, a foreign trip or a new business venture

With a TFSA your loved ones can save up to $6,000 a year and pay no tax at all on any interest earned, for as long as the money sits in the account. Plus, there is no interest to pay when the money is withdrawn. Unlike RESPs and RSPs, the money in a TFSA can be used for any purpose.


A relaxing retirement

Any money paid into an RSP is tax-deductible and interest or other earnings within it are tax-exempt until withdrawn. This is a great way to build a pension fund, with tax breaks from the government helping it to grow faster.


Build up interest fast with Advantage Market Term Deposit


Your loved one can deposit their savings certificate into a three- or five-year Chinook Financial Advantage Market Term Deposit** and get the benefits of the stock market without the risk. It’s a great way for them to see their gift from you grow even faster. The rate of return is linked to the market performance of one of three economic sectors; Canadian financial services, consumer staples or health care. 


There is guaranteed interest income plus the amount you initially invest is 100% guaranteed*, regardless of how the market performs. The investments can be eligible as an RSP or TFSA.


If your loved ones put their gift certificate into one of these investments, they could see their money grow by up to 20%* in five years.


How to give the gift of saving


You can buy gift certificates in denominations of $100, $200, $250 and $500. You will receive an email with a customized gift certificate that you can either print out and give, or forward as an email.


Buy your loved one a gift that they’ll truly appreciate - now and for many years to come.


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The Legal Stuff:

*Rates effective as of 4 December 2017. Terms and conditions apply. All principal and interest is 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation, excluding common shares, investment shares, and mutual funds. All rates and products are subject to change without notice. Rates subject to change daily. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The advice on our website is prepared without knowing your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Before you act on this or any advice, please consider if it's right for you, and reach out to our teams to help determine if the product is appropriate for you. Legal Terms of Use apply.

**Advantage Market offers a return that ranges between the guaranteed minimum return and the predetermined maximum return. If the market advances, you receive a variable return of up to the predetermined maximum. If the market pulls back, you receive the minimum guaranteed return and your capital is 100% guaranteed. The maximum possible cumulative return for Advantage Market is 20% on a five-year non-redeemable term deposit.