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How Do I Book An Appointment Online?

What is Online Appointment Booking?
Online Appointment Booking is a tool that helps Members more easily connect with branch staff to make an appointment to discuss the Member’s needs.


How does a Member use Online Appointment Booking?
Members can access the Online Appointment Booking tool through the website, online banking and the mobile app. Make sure you click on the ‘Book an Appointment Today!’ button to be taken to the tool.


What does the ‘We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more’ statement mean?  
The web application uses cookies. If you disable cookies, some functionality may not be available.


Where are the branches on the map? 
When the application starts it does not show any branch locations. Enter a location in the search window or choose the ‘Use my location’ function to see the branch locations.


When I choose the ‘Use my location’ function, it changes to ‘Unable to retrieve your location’, why is that?
In your browser settings, if you have disallowed websites from requesting or using your physical location, you will need to enable location requests if you want to use the ‘Use my location’ functionality.


When I choose the ‘Use my location’ function, it asks me ‘ wants to track your physical location’, what do I do? 
Choose ‘Allow once’ or ‘Always allow’ to allow the ‘Use my location’ function to find branches based on your current location.


When I type in a search location, I’m not shown on the map. 
The map defaults to international locations for places with similar or same names. Add the city and province to help narrow down your search.


I choose the ‘Next’ button but it tells me to choose a service. 
Choose one of the services, from the left hand set of checkboxes, based on which service most closely matches what you want an appointment for.


I want to select more than one service for my appointment, what do I do? 
To meet for more than one service, create multiple appointments. Create as many appointments as you wish.


I choose the ‘Next’ button but it tells me to select a start time. 
If the current week has ‘There are no times available’ for each day, choose the big arrow to the right of the last day shown and the next week will be shown.


I want to choose a date more than four (4) weeks in the future. 
To help you promptly get the service and answers you need, we only book up to four (4) weeks in advance. You can call a specific branch if you want to meet more than 4 weeks out.


On the ‘Enter your details’ screen, I want to enter my home or work number, not my mobile phone number.  What do I do? 
Put your work or home number into the place where the ‘Mobile’ number is.


Can I receive a text confirmation of my appointment details? 
Absolutely. Enter in a text capable phone number into the ‘Mobile’ number and then select the ‘Yes, please!’ checkbox beside the ‘Would you like to be notified via text?’ question.


Do I receive a confirmation of the appointment? 
Yes, you receive a confirmation via email (and text if you selected that option).  You will also receive a reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment.


What does the ‘manage appointment’ email link allow me to do? 
It allows you to reschedule or cancel your appointment.