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Do You Have Tap?

We sure do! It’s a secure way to make purchases that are automatically debited from your account. Hold your MEMBER CARD in front of the merchant’s payment terminal that supports the tap function. A beep and/or ‘approved’ message will acknowledge your transaction is complete. No need to punch in your pin. 

Interac® Flash uses secure chip processing to protect against skimming, counterfeiting and electronic pickā€pocketing.


Are there spending limits?


Yes. Spending limits provide an added layer of protection by occasionally prompting you to enter your PIN when your limit is reached. This will validate that you are the legitimate cardholder.


You can spend up to $200 ($100 groceries + $50 gas + $50 other) per day, with each transaction allowing for a maximum of $100. Once you’ve hit your limit the terminal will ask you to insert your card and pin to complete the payment. 


How do I receive my new Interac Flash MEMBER CARD?

Your new Interac Flash MEMBER CARD will be mailed to the mailing address on your member profile this summer. If you do not receive a new MEMBER CARD by August 1, 2018, visit your local branch or call 1.844.685.6225.


Can I disable the Tap function on my new MEMBER CARD?

You sure can! Just call us at 1.844.685.6225 or visit your local branch to do so.