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Common Banking Questions

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Talk to us - we’d love to help!

  • Talk to us or download the Ding Free app today to find the nearest ATM fast!


  • Student, farmer, or business owner? Just need an account for your everyday banking? We have an account that suits you.


    Apply Now


  • Yes! If the ATM icons match one of the icons on the back of your Member Card®, you can use it almost anywhere in the world.

    Make it easier with the Global Payment™ Mastercard®. Shop online or access ATMs anywhere and the funds will automatically move from your chequing account to the card balance. Learn More.


    Learn more travel tips on the Knowledge Hub.

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  • Make it easy with free electronic statements (eStatements). Access your electronic statements in your online banking, and you can access up to 7 years of history in your online banking as well. We recommend that you save them to your computer, if it’s secure. Oh - and you help us save a bunch of trees! Check your online agreement for details.


    Paper statements are $2.50 per month. Switch your options by logging into your online banking, clicking Statement Preferences in the left-hand column and make your choice. Don't have online banking yet? Talk to us, or visit your local branch to get set up today!


    *Chinook Financial staff cannot email you a copy of your statement as per our Privacy Policy.


  • Each branch's transit number is listed on its location page. Find the branch you're looking for. 



  • You’ll find all our hours of operation, including our holiday hours listed in our Locations section of the website.

  • Ding Free is a national network of surcharge-free ATMs. This means, you can use most Canadian credit union ATM for free. Download the Ding Free app to find the closest ATM to you.


    Not a member yet? Apply Now.


  • Update your address, contact information and occupation under the Profile and Preferences tab in your online banking.


    More details? Talk to us or call our Member Care Centre at 1.844.68.LOCAL (56225).



    You can use our 24-hour, self-service, telephone banking system to access your accounts anywhere in North America. Talk to us and select one of the various menu options.


    Telephone banking can be accessed at 1.844.68. LOCAL (56225) and features:

    • Branch and ATM Locations and Hours
    • Change Personal Access Code (Password)
    • Up-to-date account balances and transactions made since your last statement
    • Perform cheque number and transaction amount inquiry
    • Transfer funds between accounts
    • Make bill payments
    • Report your Chinook Financial Mastercard® lost or stolen

    Want to sign up? Talk to us at our Member Care Centre 1.844.68. LOCAL (56225).


  • Need an insurance quote? Inquire now.


    To make a CUMIS insurance claim, call 1.800.810.2847.


  • It’s coming soon! We call it INTERAC® Flash. It’s a secure way to make purchases that are automatically debited from your account. Hold your Member Card® in front of the merchant’s payment terminal that supports the tap function. A beep and/or ‘approved’ message will acknowledge your transaction is complete. No need to punch in your pin.


    INTERAC® Flash will become available to our Chinook Financial members in 2018. Watch our website and your online banking messages for timing information. A new Member Card will be provided to you when this functionality is introduced, but don’t worry - your account information will not change!


    INTERAC® Flash uses secure chip processing to protect against skimming, counterfeiting and electronic pickā€pocketing.


    Are there spending limits?


    Yes. Spending limits will provide an added layer of protection by occasionally prompting you to enter your PIN when your limit is reached. This will validate that you are the legitimate cardholder.


    You can spend up to $200 ($100 groceries, $50 gas, $50 other) per day, with each transaction allowing for a maximum of $100. Once you’ve hit your limit the terminal will ask you to insert your card and pin to complete the payment.

  • Mobile Pay will become available to our Chinook Financial members following the introduction of INTERAC® Flash in 2018. Watch our website and your online banking messages for timing information.

  • Expecting an Interac® e-Transfer? You'll receive an email or text message with the following details:

    • Notification that you've been sent an e-Transfer
    • The sender's name
    • A link to deposit your funds  

    To deposit the funds into your Chinook Financial account online or on the mobile app:

    1. Click the link in the text or email notification
    2. Select your province
    3. Select Chinook Financial from the drop down list of credit unions
    4. If on a mobile device or tablet you will receive a prompt asking if you'd like to launch your Chinook Financial App. Choose to launch the app at this point
    5. Login to online or mobile banking and deposit the money into the account of your choice. If you cannot click on the link, you can cut and paste or type the link into your browser

    Don’t have access to online or mobile banking? Talk to us at our Member Care Centre at 1.844.685.6225, or your local branch. You’ll need your Member Card® or member number handy (you received this in the branch when you setup your account).


    Please note - Never accept an e-Transfer from someone that you don't know, or that you aren't expecting without confirming with the sender first. Fake e-Transfer emails are sometimes sent out as phishing emails. Learn more about how to protect yourself online here.

  • Email transfer (this may have a fee, depending on the account you are on):

    Login to your online banking. Select ‘Send Interac e-Transfer’ under the ‘Transfers’ tab in the left-hand column and follow the directions on the page.


    To another Chinook Financial member (this is free):

    Transfers can be completed once they are set-up in your online banking environment. To set that up, talk to us at our Member Care Centre or visit your nearest branch. Once this is set up you’re able to log into your online banking to complete transfers to another member under the ‘Transfers’ tab in the left-hand column.


  • Wire transfers are available to our members in many currencies!


    First step? Pop by your local branch. We can help you through the process. We’ll need some specific information about you and the sender/recipient such as personal and account information.


    Receiving A Transfer

    If you are receiving a wire in Canadian dollars, please provide the information on this form to the sender to include in the wire instructions. The wire may not reach you if any of the information below is incorrect or missing.


    If you are receiving a wire in U.S. dollars, please complete the information on this form, as Chinook Financial doesn’t receive U.S. wires directly. Instead, they are routed through our wire services provider, Custom House UK (a Western Union company). Please provide all of the information below to the sender to include on the wire instructions. The wire may not reach you if any of the information below is incorrect or missing.


    **The 12 Digit Member Account Number can be found on the bottom your cheque or member statement. 



    Sending A Transfer

    If you are sending a wire transfer, visit your local Chinook Financial branch, and bring the following information regarding the person or business you are sending money to:

    • Recipient's full name and address
    • Recipient's Account Number
    • Recipient's Branch Number and full address
    • Recipient's Financial Institution routing number
    • SWIFT Code (if known)
    • ABA number (US wires)
  • Common shares are an investment in the credit union. They are best suited for long-term investing or retirement portfolios. Dividends are paid out annually, so every year you’ll benefit while saving for the future. The rate varies from year to year. Interested in common shares? Learn More.

  • All of your invested capital and investment income on any of our fixed term investment options are 100% guaranteed*. It’s the safest way to invest. The safest way to make your money make a difference to you.


    *All principal and interest is 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation. Excludes common shares, investment shares, and mutual funds.


  • Your bank draft is a guaranteed cash equivalent, and once it is issued to you a stop payment cannot be placed on it and it cannot be cancelled - even if it is lost or stolen. When delivering your bank draft to the intended recipient, we strongly recommend that you personally deliver it, or that a trackable delivery method is employed, such as courier or registered mail.


    There are procedures in place to replace a lost or stolen bank draft. Depending on the amount of the bank draft and lapsed time period, you may be asked to sign a bond of indemnity. This basically is a commitment to pay the amount of the original draft back if the original draft is presented for payment.


    Contact your local branch or call the Member Care Centre at 1.844.685.6225 to discuss the appropriate next steps if your bank draft is lost or stolen.

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