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Interac Flash Is Here!

Making small purchases just got easier with Interac Flash®!

With Interac Flash, you’ll be able pay for everyday purchases quickly, securely and conveniently – all with a single tap. Use your card at any checkout with the Interac Flash logo across Canada by holding your new Chinook Financial MEMBER CARD in front of the card reader.


Did we mention it’s secure?

Interac Flash uses EMV-based secure chip processing, instead of magnetic stripe data type processing. This protects your new MEMBER CARD against skimming, counterfeiting, and transaction replay types of fraud, including electronic pick-pocketing.


Plus, there’s additional protection with spending limits.

If using the tap function, no single transaction can exceed $100 and the total cumulative expense of tap transactions cannot exceed $200.  When the single or cumulative spend limit is reached, you’ll be prompted to insert your card and enter the PIN to complete the transaction.


This adds a layer of protection and ensures there’s a step to validate that you’re indeed using your MEMBER CARD. 


?Did You Know

Don’t pay ATM fees! Our ding free network is pretty great. It’s a network of ATMs that’s bigger than most banks, and it’s free. Thousands of credit unions and other participants across Canada give Chinook Financial members surcharge-free ATM use.


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Must Dos once you receive your new Interac Flash Member Card.

To ensure you receive uninterrupted service, the following steps must be completed by July 30, 2018. 


Step 1: Activate Your MEMBER CARD For Interac Flash.

Use your card for point of sale purchases and/or ATM transactions. Your PIN has not changed and your first purchase using your PIN with this card will activate Interac Flash.


IMPORTANT: To ensure your continued card functionality and access, we ask that you use your new card as soon as possible.


Step 2: Update Your Banking Access.

Login to online banking or mobile banking with your new MEMBER CARD number and your existing Personal Access Code (PAC) to automatically transfer your personalized settings to your new card. Your old MEMBER CARD access will no longer be valid.


If you have setup Memorized Account(s) in online or mobile banking, you will need to modify them to reflect your new card number.


Step 3: Destroy Your Old MEMBER CARD

Be sure to destroy and safely dispose of your old card.


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