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Community Impact

As a credit union, we’re different than a bank - and we like it that way. Every day, our Chinook Financial team delivers outstanding financial service and experiences to more than 20,000 members across 12 communities. You’re our member, not a number. We’re your neighbours, and your partner.


When you choose to bank with us, you become a member and an owner of a community-oriented financial institution with deep roots, big ideas, and a commitment to doing what’s right.


Helping Communities Prosper

Here’s what a community-focused approach to banking looks like.


$249,747 in total community contributions in 2016

(includes funds leveraged from external stakeholders and in-kind support)


833 volunteer hours donated by employees


1st in Alberta to introduce an alternative to high-interest payday loans, with our fast and responsible Cash Crunch Loan


?Did You Know

Chinook Financial offers Act Local Grants to non-profit organizations, societies, charities, cooperatives, and social enterprises who shares values that are consistent with our own! In 2016, more than $100,000 donations were made by our local branches to over 100 community organizations across southern Alberta through our Act Local program.

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2016 Community Impact

Community is all of our responsibility. When you’re our member, your money is making a difference – a genuine and lasting contribution to the financial success of your community. Because we’re in this together.


Applications closed September 30, 2017

The Learn & Earn Scholarship provides more than just money. Through our matched savings program, we help you establish and reach savings goals, we match those savings, and we provide money management tools for to use throughout life!


  • All Grade 12 students are eligible - priority is placed on students who are motivated, have some form of employment, and face financial barriers to achieving their career or education goals.
  • Participants take part in a ten-month match savings program.
  • Chinook Financial matches student savings 2:1, to a maximum of $1,000.    


Driven by a mission to make money make a difference. Powered by values of thinking big, acting local, taking charge, and making things easy.


We’re Making Money Make a Difference by building strong local economies with proud communities. For us, this is the best way to create shared value. When our members and communities succeed, their credit union succeeds.


Our values guide Chinook Financial’s community investment decisions:


  • Think Big: We dream of the possibilities, and then make it happen. We think bigger and seek out the right way to make large and meaningful local impacts.
  • Act Local: We identify the most pressing local challenges, finding ways to be part of the solution. Employees get involved and volunteer with their local community organizations.
  • Take Charge: We’re pro-active in developing partnerships that positively impact both the community and the business, and that align with our values and community pillars.
  • Make it Easy: Plain & simple – our staff find opportunities to help in ways that make sense, and allow Chinook Financial to make a genuine and lasting contribution to the financial success of our local communities

Affordable Housing

  • Work to build solutions to increase affordable, accessible and stable housing options for our citizens in need

Financial education and inclusion

  • Help citizens increase their financial knowledge, skills and confidence so they are able to better manage their money
  • Seek innovative ways to serve the ‘under banked’ by increasing access to mainstream financial service offerings

Entrepreneurship and skills training

  • Create economic opportunity by providing access to training, resources or skills needed to become gainfully employed, self-employed, and financially sustainable
  • Support entrepreneurs to start or grow their own locally-based businesses

Community pride and revitalization

  • Help volunteers to build vibrant communities and foster civic pride
  • Help neighbours or local businesses stay connected and supportive of each other

Partnerships That Deliver.

Proud 2017 Partner of:

4-H Alberta

Chinook Financial launched a volunteer recognition program for all local 4-H clubs, to recognize the role they play in building proud and connected communities and donating $9,500 to the 19 participating 4-H clubs.


Rosebud Theatre

Since 2015, Chinook Financial has supported Rosebud Centre for the Arts Chinook Youth Theatre and Chinook Theatre for Young Audiences programs with $10,000/year, and Chinook Financial staff offer a budgeting and savings workshop for the Rosebud Centre of the Arts staff and students.

Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta

Economics for Success is one of Junior Achievement’s program offered in rural Alberta. Chinook is a proud sponsor of this program which encourages students to consider and reflect on the advantages of staying in school to ensure a successful career. Chinook Financial contributed $15,000 toward the Economics for Success program and 29 staff volunteered their time to grade 9 and 10 students teaching financial literacy

Sponsorships That Deliver.

Proud 2017 Sponsor of:

2017 Canadian Beef Industry Conference (CBIC), supporting the full-day Alberta Beef Producers Tour and sponsoring 4-H Alberta youth attending.


Over 20 rodeos across southern Alberta

Rodeo is a vibrant part of southern Alberta life, and often generates positive economic impact for communities who host the circuits. We’re proud to lend our support.


Volunteer Teams

As part of our commitment to Acting Local we’re dedicated to volunteer success, sponsoring our community partners’ volunteer teams where we can. Every event requires the help of these local, engaged teams who care a lot about the social fabric of our communities.



We’re proud members of:


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